PIL (Pillow)

In this manual, we'll be going over the PIL module, which is a module that allows you to use images a lot more effectively in your term projects! There's a lot of cool functionality that can be done with the PIL library, such as filters, so if you are planning on making heavy use of images, this is the right manual to take a look at!

Why PIL - doesn't Tkinter handle images too?

Tkinter, which is the basic graphics interface you've all come to hate love, only supports GIF and PPM (I still don't know what these are) file formats. This is clearly very limited - as you go through the internet for images, you will definitely be using formats more than these two (like JPG, PNG, etc). Also, Tkinter's functionality with images is very limited, and doing things as simple as resizing an image can get really, really complicated :(

What's specifically in this book?

We're gonna specifically go over some common projects and uses, talk about some bugs that you may encounter, and close off with a brief overview of how grading works with respect to PIL. Hopefully after reading, you will be able to get started on your image-intensive project.

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